Prologue - Page 14


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Jul 18, 2020

Okay. Y'know how I said I would do better? And get pages done and not keep ya'll waiting forever? I have turned out to be a liar... I can't even begin to express how sorry I am. But if you look at this page, you might get why it took me forever. With Cross, I was so used to closed up tunnels and spaces. While here in Paris, we're seeing the whole frekkin' city!!!!!

I am so tired of looking at this page, I'm just happy it's finished. Even though I feel like I should've added some people into the scenes. The couple you see on the bridge in the first panel is an inside joke (with myself) and it makes me smile a lot. LOL!!

Gonna try my hardest to NOT take so long again! Cause now I'm thinking about the masquerade down the line and I'm like.... Oh no....

Thank ya'll for your patience!

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Icefall Kitsune
Jul 21, 2020

For this kind of art I can wait.
Don't be hard on yourself, I still have trouble and find with a full time job, and family, it has been very difficult to get motivated to even practice.

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